Reliable protection against bird flu.
You are not afraid of bird flu if you have AQUAECA!
The effective AQUAECA disinfectant easily copes with bird flu, protects your family and your pets!
AQUAECA disinfectant is developed using the latest technology, safe for humans and the environment!
AQUAECA is effective, economical, environmentally friendly!
Performance report can be viewed here: AQUAECA in poultry against bird flu

Would you like a cup of disinfectant?

AQUAECA – HOCL a non-toxic, efficient, and eco-friendly disinfection solution, which is produced from salt and water by electrochemical activation. It destroys all types of pathogen viruses, bacteria and fungi, and yet it is absolutely safe for humans and animals. This is because it contains hypochlorious acid, which is a natural disinfectant of the human body.

  • Safe
  • Highly efficient
  • Eco-friendly
  • Cheap
  • Produced on site
  • Destroys legionella bacteria, mould, staphylococcus, and many others

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Salt, water and electricity

AQUAECA machines - Electrolyzed Water Generator,  produce the safest and highly efficient disinfectant - (electrolyzed water, anolyte, aquaeca) solutions  any amount (up to 2000 liters per hour). They only consume 600 W/h in average and can work anywhere in the world where you have salt, water and electricity.

They are compact so that you can put them in a small premise, easily installed in any pipe system, and do not require qualified staff to maintain them..


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Many others

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